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Anyways no solid solutions on the internet.Writing this from mass (my residence state) altho I used to own a house in lasvegas. I caught 2 stds by a backpage girl who gave me a BBBJ.

I always wanted to be presentable for the women but fuck that. If longer pubes can, in any method, scale back my probabilities of catching something, I’ll proceed to allow them to grow. The boxer idea is an efficient one, too. I know chilly soars are quite common so makes me fear that maybe there is something that I do not know.



I guess the mechanism is that fluids may seep around the condom, or else “splash round” when the condom was removed. In newer years I’ve been disease-free after instituting what I name my “tremendous protected sex” strategy. And for those of you who crave BBBJ (or bareback something), please keep in mind I do not usa sex guide va decide you, I only provide the next recommendations for people who, like me, want to decrease their risks. The extra of these actions you are taking, the safer you could be. Lets say somebody goes to an Asian therapeutic massage parlor.


I’m not suggesting that bbbjs do not have risk. They do, and you can have caught the burn from a BBBJ.

How do certain providers keep away from it or one way or the other stop transmission. You take into consideration the sheer variety of dudes a sure provider might need occasions bb service and you can do the mathematics right here. So they should be doing one thing once they’re carried out with every friend (I. E. Douching, sturdy rinsing and so forth). I really feel like these great providers are cleaner the ho civilians you would possibly know.You can’t struggle it, it doesn’t matter what. This whole girl on ‘vacay’ thing is what I imply, however I’ll let folks give it some thought.

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Just saying.You know the “Doctorguy” says you will get STD with simply BBBJ and I imagine him. I know I did some BB with chosen girls. Thank God I didn’t get something.

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You are on the right track with the safety thing. Don’t let your guard down and do not let the little head think for the massive one.HPV would still be transmissable. Fortunately, 80% of sexually lively adults have it. There is nothing wrong with getting a handjob with a condom. Well, I cannot imagine I am to the point the place I actually have to ask the question.

That is as a result of the RNA check actually appears for or detects the virus. Quick question for my safety tho. Do you guys normally ask to see the girls std screenings or do they ask for yours? I assume they don’t care as long as they see the green!

STD preventative measures.

When one gets sick from fucking, whether or not he uses a condom or not, and would not have, had he cleaned up, after fucking, then that proves him to be the one who’s insane and retarded. This is precisely my purpose for bathing and gargling directly after an P4P. I’ve gone naked again, since December 1990, and have by no means developed any AIDS or STD signs because of cleansing up after fucking. The one time, that I did develop strep throat, I spent no more on it than a shot of feed store penicillin. Since then, I’ve made it a behavior to gargle with mouthwash, hydrogen peroxide, or a small slosh of Clorox in a cup of water and haven’t ever once more caught strep.

Just questioning if anybody right here does a mouth examine like I do earlier than BBBJ mainly looking for cuts, sores, general hygene? The ladies never appear to mind it however Ive asked a couple of and there like “no ones ever asked”. I normally will CBJ unless I do a mouth examine. If I see like “meth mouth” I definatey wrap up. Just wondering what the board thinks thanks.There is not any “mouth examine” you can do to be secure throughout a BBBJ.